It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest [LP]



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1.Crystal Liaison
2.Ramses II Is Dead, My Love
3.Burial Waltz
4.Wide Wide River
5.Life Is Strange
6.Johnny Pissoff Meets the Red Angel
9.When the Mode of the Music Changes
10.Whimpers from the Jello
11.Divine Toe, Pt. 1, The
12.We’re Both Dead Now, Alice
13.Life Is Funny
14.Grope Need, Pt. 1
15.Tuli, Visited by the Ghost of Plontinus/More Grope Need (Grope Need, Pt. 2)
16.Robinson Crusoe
17.Claude Pelieu and J.J. Lebel Discuss the Early Verlaine Bread Crust Fragments
18.National Haiku Contest, The
19.Divine Toe, Pt. 2, The

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